Let's Get To Growing

Don't Settle for Just Sustaining

We understand that when developing a successful business venture, there is no replacement for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

We make growing easier for companies by simplifying their current workflows to support any one of a variety of minimally invasive methodologies to drive growth in today's fast-paced economy.


Four ways to work with us

  • Management Consulting

  • Advanced Tax Strategy

  • Cash Flow Systems

  • Exit Strategy

Business Management Consulting For Small Businesses

Entrenomics is a multidisciplinary strategic planning and consulting group working specifically with entrepreneurs throughout the country. We have decades of success working with small business owners who know their craft but need help growing and scaling the business.

Every Year Business Owners Leave Tax Money On The Table

Are you one of them? At the end of the day who wants to organize their financial documents and worry about the accuracy of their math skills? With major government expenditures planned to improve our nations infrastructure, it has become exponentially more important to create an Advanced Tax Strategy for your business.

Cash Flow And Cash Management Systems You Can Depend On

“A properly engineered cash management system takes a business owner from “managing out
of a checkbook” (typically crisis mode) and into accurately forecasting short and long term cash
positions and requirements. While a robust cash management system itself is nice, the greatest
benefit to one is the peace of mind that follows.

Looking To Make An Exit? Get The Most Value For Your Business

Engineering a company to build value will not happen as long as the owner is too busy working
IN the company and never able to work ON it. Our team of experts will help you prepare to sell your business for the highest possible value.


How will Entrenomics help my business?

Entrenomics will provide the management and planning tools to achieve controlled, sustained, profitable growth, turn profit into cash to build wealth, and to engineer smoother more efficient operations, while minimizing your tax exposure.

Will your firm replace my CPA/accountant?

Absolutely NOT! Plain and simple, preparing tax returns is not our business, ours is a completely different area of practice. The fact that a CPA cannot give legal advice and is therefore limited in what they can do regarding the structure of your tax affairs, is precisely what the IRS hopes that you never figure out. In the vast majority of our projects we work hand in hand with our clients’ current tax professionals. Many of our clients have said that their CPAs were “Energized” by the strategies and concepts delivered by our attorneys.

Will my information be kept confidential?

YES! Confidentiality is the hallmark of our business. All work performed for each client is done so under a non-disclosure agreement and we are bonded for confidentiality.

I have owned my business for a long time, how will this help?

Most companies that have been around for a long time will soon be, or are currently in the “transition phase.” They have a core group of key employees that over time have gained the trust of an owner and have been given more responsibility. However, it is very difficult to transition the owner’s experience to key managers. We assist our clients in every step along the way.

Do you deal with family businesses?

Navigating family dynamics are a major concern of small businesses. Whether it is a spouse who does the books, brothers in partnership together, or multi-generational companies, We’ve handled it all. Sometimes it just gets impossible from the subjective point to see eye to eye or even simply communicate about important issues within the company. We are the type of company that can address the personal and professional side of doing business with family members.

I am affiliated with a 20-group or ALT Board. How is this different?

Entrenomics is not an affiliation. Ideas are great, but if they are not implemented properly their value is never realized. This is where Entrenomics has a major impact for our clients because after all, breaking old habits and starting new ones is extremely difficult especially when you attempt it on your own. We are an objective external resource that can provide training and accountability to make lasting changes within an organization. Our clients who chair 20-groups and sit on ALT Boards have confirmed Entrenomics is a tremendous and necessary supplement to what they experience with their group.