Frequently Asked Questions

How will Entrenomics help my business?

Entrenomics was fashioned with small businesses in mind.  Not only do we discuss your company’s symptoms, we graphically demonstrate the cause of the problems.  Entrenomics has three phases: the Entrecode, the Event, and the Evaluation.  Each phase targets a different area of your business.  Upon the completion of the program, you will see a holistic view of your company as well as your key people.  Entrenomics will to enable you to grow your business, to turn profit into cash, and to initiate smoother operations, while minimizing your tax exposure.

What is the difference between an Entrenomics Evaluation and a Traditional Business Valuation?

The Evaluation we perform is conducted over a two-day period where we will look at every area of your business that hinders profit, reduces cash flow, and prevents your quality of life.  Topics like cash flow management, sales and marketing, operations and administration will be discussed.  If applicable, we will present an Exit Strategy Illustration and/or perform a Tax Savings Illustration.

Business Valuations are performed by licensed professionals.  The Entrenomics Evaluation is not intended to provide your business a fair market appraisal; although, our parent company does provide consulting engagements for owners seeking estate planning or the potential sale of your company. 

Will my information be kept confidential?

YES! We operate under a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.

I have owned my business for a long time, how will this help?

You actually are a great candidate for Entrenomics.  Most companies that have been around for a long time are in the “transition phase.”  They have a core group of key employees that over time have gained the trust of an owner and have been given more responsibility.  However, it is very difficult to transition the owner’s experience to key managers.  We cover that transition in our program.

Do you deal with family in the business?

Navigating family dynamics are a major concern of small businesses.  Whether it is our wife who handles the finances, brothers in business together, or multi-generational companies, Entrenomics handles the personal and professional side of doing business with family members.  The Entrecode helps unlock strengths for family members to be positioned properly in the company.

Who will visit and evaluate our company?

Our parent company is the largest small-business consulting firm in the world.  Only the top 10% of their workforce is utilized to perform the evaluation.  He/she will be a seasoned professional with over 5 years of experience with small businesses.  As your company goes through the different phases of our program, we compile a Client Dossier for assignment purposes.

When we do the evaluation what must I have prepared for the Business Analyst?

We operate under a non-disclosure agreement.  Typically the Evaluation requests year-end financials for the past three years. We will also need tax returns to do a tax savings illustration. Upon arrival, our Business Specialist will provide a list of things that might aid your evaluation. 

How many people can attend the event?

You may bring as many key people that you deem necessary that are involved in the operations and sales of your company.

I am affiliated with a 20-group or ALT Board.  How is this different?

Entrenomics is not an affiliation. Our former attendees who chair 20-groups and sit on ALT Boards have confirmed Entrenomics is a tremendous and necessary supplement to what they experience with their group.  

I get these interactions through my trade associations.  How is your program any different?

Trade associations and local organizations are great connecting points for local business owners.  Events held by those organizations are typically more industry specific.  Our workshop is business specific.  We trust you understand your industry. Entrenomics also provides enlightening information regarding personnel behavior and company specific goals and challenges.

Is the Entrecode a personality test?

The simple answer is no.  The profile is more about trends and tendencies of the small business owner and their effect on the company at large.   Competitive, Confrontational, and Controlling are behavioral traits that bleed into the company’s culture.  We identify these behaviors as they relate to small businesses. 

I have multiple locations and my company is too diverse to bring them all to a workshop.  Is there any way my company can participate?  

On a case-by-case basis we provide a stand-alone event at your business.  Download our stand alone event program.

Are you a consulting company?

Business Today is not a consulting company.  We are the educational division of the largest consulting firm for small businesses in the US and Canada.  Our parent company’s staff performs our evaluations, but the Entrenomics Program does not require a consulting engagement.

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