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The foundation of Business Today’s approach is the premise that small businesses inherently have the same attributes, values, and skill sets as the business owners who manage them.  Business Today’s core competency is profiling, targeting, and educating small business entrepreneurs the profound impact behavior plays into the success and failure of small business.  We lay the foundational element of behavior under the concepts of controlling costs, strategic growth, employee incentives and fiscal reporting.


ENTRENOMICS has a three phase approach to educating small business owners.  It encompasses the EntreCode, the Event, and the Evaluation.

The EntreCode

The Entrecode is the ENTRENOMICS Behavior Profile (EBP).  The EBP goes beyond personality and temperament measuring.  The EBP penetrates past the small business owner’s persona to categorize and define his core ethics, values and priority in decision-making.
The screening is done through a behavioral specialist online.

The Event

The next phase of approach is facilitated through an invitation only workshop for small business entrepreneurs and their key managers. The first section of the curriculum covers behavior patterns.  The second section gives overviews of financial control, operations and sales and marketing.

The Evaluation

The last phase is the assessment and application.  Business Today send a senior business analyst post workshop to provide a two-day assessment and application of the workshop curriculum.  The senior business analyst encourages the owners and employees to participate for the purpose of a tailor fit recommendation. 


Business Today’s behavioral definitions derived from a process of intimately examining over a thousand businesses of all industries, ethnic background and geographic markets.  After that initial case study process, over 12,500 man- hours were spent in the research and development of ENTRENOMICS.  Once Business Today settled on its findings, the challenge was to determine the value of content and approach for small business owners.  Business Today engaged 75 national and regional diverse trade organizations and chambers to collaborate and refine its content and approach. 


The primary industries we target are all small business related to Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation.


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