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Entrenomics is an outreach of Business Today Inc.  We provide business owners and managers with the knowledge and skills to improve their businesses through educational workshops.  Our national magazine, which is written primarily to entrepreneurs, highlights the economics of small business.  Focusing on the needs of today’s entrepreneurs in today’s economy, we developed Entrenomics to educate leaders of small to medium-size businesses to increase their personal development and organizational value. Our ongoing initiatives contribute to their continual learning.


Entrenomics workshops provide entrepreneurs and their managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase efficiency, adapt to ever changing business environments, and prosper in the competitive business world. Covering a full range of business functions and entrepreneur behavior, the workshop topics include cash flow, productivity, growth, marketing, and succession. The sessions serve as a forum for the exchange of the latest information, ideas and insights on management practices, and business trends. We consistently track current business trends to ensure our content is relevant, practical, and useful.

National Publication

The BusinessToday magazine is a national publication that contains top-notch practical advice and insights for the leaders of small businesses. In general, the magazine takes a closer look inside the private business world. Each quarter, the contributing authors provide timely coverage of issues pertaining to positive cash flow, controlling costs, accelerating profitable growth, strategic planning, succession planning, preserving and determining corporate value, and tax planning affecting small to medium-size businesses. By providing a broad scope of informative business practices and emerging trends, the magazine assists entrepreneurs in their quest for a flourishing business.

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